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Structural Steel Fabrication & Installation

Structural steel is used to make building materials including beams, rails, and bars. The distinct properties of structural steel are beneficial to enhance a structure’s longevity and increase the safety of those within it. What makes Structural steel unique is that it is an alloy, it can be altered to provide different properties, and that makes it useful for a vast range of projects. It is known as a sustainable and reliable material for construction. Jekt offers the highest quality structural steel products on the market.


Our team is adept at fabricating steels, sheet metal of all kinds, metal tanks, pipe and piping systems, etc.

Our devoted professionals include estimators, engineers, purchasers, project managers and detailers that are perfect to handle any technical challenges.


We have the expertise, equipment, and facility essential to manage all of our customer’s industrial fabrication and welding needs such as access catwalks & platforms, design & build projects, handrail & safety devices, machinery modifications, and routine repairs & maintenance. From the start to the end of the design process, we work hard with our partners and safely install all designed steel systems while staying within your budget and schedule limitations and are also capable of working on large and small scale structures.

Jekt perfectly designs and estimates a project ahead of time in consideration of your next monthly, annual or reducing the financial strain of your new project. Our staff is responsible to take every measure possible to help confirm that your project is completed according to budget, schedule, and other limitations. We fabricate and provide a broad range of of customized items in compliance to quality systems with complete traceability to specification. Jekt also offers all industry-standard finishes such as powder coating, paint systems, and hot-dip galvanizing. We stand out among others with our versatility, punctuality, and reliability.

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