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Maintenance & Shutdown Operations

We learn deeply about the plant, design preventive maintenance like checkpoints, periodicity of checking, and opt for maintenance policies. We have been unequaled when it comes to our track record and success. Jekt has a separate division for managing the supply of all types of tradesmen to the construction industry in keeping pace with the increasing needs of UAE.

We offer a wide range of services that are beneficial to increase the plant and asset efficiency. Our experience and expertise in this field is unparalleled. Jekt can help you minimize downtime, and bring back your focus to what you do perfect, with skilled, compliant industrial-strength services. We have been loyal to you as we always take great care of your equipment will work hand in hand with your management team to ensure that all maintenance and repair is done to your demanding needs.


We have safety experts on-site for the duration of the shutdown to let around the clock 24-hour expertise To maintain equipment and perform training to make sure that shutdown runs smoothly, on time on the budget.

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